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Together, the two Jedi succeeded in outmaneuvering both Daiman and Odion's malevolent schemes towards Chelloa. During the Destruction of Chelloa when Daiman unleashed kinetic corruptors which devastated the planet's surface, Holt and Palladane succeeded in evacuating much of the planet's population and escaped into hyperspace on a hastily assembled cargo fleet which became the Freedom Fleet . During her time on Chelloa, Holt earned the grudging respect of the narcissistic Daiman while gaining the animosity of Odion, following a climatic duel where he sustained serious wounds. Following the safe evacuation of the Chelloan people, Holt would continue her personal crusade against the Sith warlords in the Grumani sector.


John Holt - StealingJohn Holt - StealingJohn Holt - StealingJohn Holt - Stealing